Sunday, July 02, 2006

Alright, they have my font! And they have it small. Double score.
I'm writing this so I can fill up that blank, empty space that's to the left side of my BlogSpace. It was disturbing me that nothing was there... so instead of using the tiny font, I'll just use "small." Which actually isn't that small, it's normal. But this is America, and "bigger is better." Or something like that.
I could be a real nerd and just post of lyrics in here and call it good. Or I guess that wouldn't be nerdy, just lazy. And I'm not feeling very lazy right now, not that any no-one who's not going to read this cares... 'cause I'm just filling up space. But it's only 11 and the night is still 'young' for me of minute insomnia. Does minute need like a "ú" or "è" or something? Hm. I don't think so.
Hmmm... well I leveled up on FF:TA about a million times today. Actually, it was probably closer to four, or maybe six. But that's a lot of experience. I even beat Mewt's Mother buuuut... then I didn't save before battling her little entity/I'm-All-Wishes weird thing... not a good move. Now I have to go through Llendar or whatever his name is all over again. Ughn. Dialogue. It's fine the first time but I really need to learn to save more often.
I need an XBox deperately. I should have one by the end of the summer. With any luck at all, one of my friends will be able to afford the Nintendo Wii when it comes out next month and we'll make great pals for the new few years - urm, months. That, too.
OMG... if Nintendo hooked up with XBox and they made a Wii game for Halo.

I will KO and remain there for the rest of my life.

That should be enough to fill up.